Monday, April 27, 2009

Gladiator Advice

DO NOT! wear gladiators if..

- You Are a MALE
- You Are taller than 6ft
- You weigh more than 200lbs

Feme - So chili, What made you buy gladiators and where did you find your size?
Chili - because they don't make cute sandals for men, i found them at Torrid
Feme - What did you dislike about them?
Chili - their too flat and your feet slide on the side , plus they squeeze my toe fat
Feme - Would you buy a new pair?
Chili - Hell yea , i just ordered some men ones from the UK
Feme - any last advice?
Chili - If your a plus size person and your feet sweat a lot, Do NOT try to run in them or they will end up like mine in the picture.


mike said...

tell chili to check these out
they are man approved

CHILITO said...

your so embarrasing,
you totaly twisted my word.