Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dana DeArmond

Dana DeArmond The Internet's Girlfriend

- Who is Dana DeArmond?
Dana - Dana dearmond is a girl who lives in the internet and dominates social networking, also stars in hardcore pornography.

Feme - Celebrity you would love to have sex with?
Dana - Male? joseph gordon-levitt. and by have "have sex with" i mean get married to and live happily together forever, while also having sex.

Female? megan fox, unless her boobs are fake... which i am still not completely sure about. in the event of megan fox having a tit-job... i would choose jessica biel. after sex we could pillow talk about her workout regime.

Feme - who do you look up to?
Dana - i cant really think of anyone off the top of my head, and i dont know if that means im so self-absorbed that i dont admire anyone but myself. so i'll just say my parents... because they made me and they raised me to be so fucking awesome. also, larry david.

Feme - can you give us some sex advice?
Dana - Dont be afraid to talk about what you like. there are too many people in the world having crappy sex because they arent getting what they really want. and stretch before, you dont want to pull a hammy.

Feme - what wont you do during sex?
Dana -uh... hmmm.. i cant think of anything. thats pretty whorish, huh? ive eaten dirt while fucking. im messed up.
sorry :(

Feme - what are you sick and tired of?
Dana - PDA. there is nothing i hate more than people making out and being all over each other while im trying to eat. get a fucking room, losers.

Feme - Your ideal date?
Dana - dressing up and going someplace where its funny to be dressed up. like disneyland. or the beach at night. and hold hands and laugh.

Feme - What is your favorite body part and why?
Dana - I like pretty much every part of a person if the part is nice. i really like feet a lot. hands. big butts and perky smallish tits. im pretty easy to please.

Feme - Whats the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
Dana - Recently i was asked on a completely full southwest flight how old i was because i was seated in the emergency exit row, where you have to be at least 15 years old by law. im 29 FML.

Feme - Any new projects we should be looking out for?
Dana - Just tons of movies and a possible feature dancing tour in the works.

Feme - Any last words for all the horny males out there who love jerkin off to you?
Dana - You're the best! and. i like you!

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