Monday, November 3, 2008

HEALTH interview

Feme - How and when did it all start?

JOHN: Late 2005. Jake and I were working at Guitar Center Hollywood
and met. I started playing with him and Jupiter who were already
friends. BJ came from craigslist casual encounters.

Feme - What keeps you guys together?
JOHN: We don't have any other friends.

Feme - Are any of you religious?
JOHN: Absolutely fucking not.

Feme - Who gets the most chicks?

Feme - How would you describe your music, in one word?
JOHN: Racket

Feme - Thoughts on
- Abortion
JOHN: Keep it legal.
- Britney Spears
JOHN: Leave her alone.
- Obama
JOHN: We need him. Vote Early.
- Tom from myspace
JOHN: Just a figurehead for a shit load of people.

Feme - Current projects we should be looking out for?
JOHN: New album coming in '09.

Feme - Which one of you guys dates the ugliest chicks?
JOHN: Me. Not right now, but I definitely have the highest number.

Feme - Where do you see HEALTH in 5 years..?
JOHN: If successful still around. If broke, over.

Feme - Any last words?

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