Friday, October 24, 2008

Yak Ballz Interview

Yak Ballz

Feme -Who was Yak Ballz at the age of 15?
Yak - Yak Ballz was just Yash; a misunderstood pubescent teen trying to connect. Didn't know anything about anything except music video's, what was playing on hot '97, local graffiti, and that I needed to be rocking dope sneakers, Polo and Tommy Hilfiger threads.

Feme - Which animal do you resemble most and why?
Yak - Elephant. Elephants are some of the most intelligent and caring animals on the planet. I'd like to think I posses those same qualities.

Feme - WHO/WHAT are you sick and tired of?
Yak - Fake people. Plastic people. I could really do without the individuals who act like they are doing you a favor when they are really sucking the life out of you to fuel their own agenda. It's the front they put on but melts away when they are overexposed and reveal the true ugliness underneath that makes me sick. Sick of these kind of people who never realize the way they effect the people around them until it's too late.

Feme - If you knew everything you know now, when you first started in this industry what would you have done differently?
Yak - I would have been a lot more calculated. My approach would have been much different from song writing to decisions I've made. Although, I have come across people who love the evolution of Yak Ballz and who have been fans since day one. Maybe they wouldn't have been a fan if I knew the things I know now because my approach wouldn't have been as raw and spontaneous as it was when I was a teenager. A lot of the content in the older stuff I can't even stomach listening to now. Now, my imagination is still applied however I integrate it with real world shit and things that teens and adults alike can relate to because it's essentially what I'm going through or have experienced. I think I was a little over the top in the past.

Feme - What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
Yak - I don't have a weapon. I think it's more of a peace offering.

Feme - whats one thing you could eat everyday?
Yak - Cookies probably. Soft chocolate chip.

Feme - Is hip-Hop dead?
Yak - I've been having this debate with myself recently because I do a monthly blog over at called Fever For The Flavor where I take a music video from the '90s, write about it and connect the concept of the song with any subject that is relevant now. By researching these music video's and immersing myself in what Hip Hop used to be, it's really sinking in that Hip Hop is a different entity altogether now in comparison. If we were talking as if Hip Hop was a male in his 20's in 1994, unfortunately the "classic" Hip Hop of the late 80's and 90's is no longer the same young man he used to be. He's 40+ now but make no mistake he is a legend that in his prime was better than anyone who follows in his footsteps and will never EVER be duplicated.

Feme - Sex on the first date?
Yak - Haha. Why not?

Feme - What are your thoughts on..

-George Bush
Yak - He's driven this country so far into the ground that a miracle is in order.

-Paris Hilton
Yak - I think the media is a disease.

Yak - Although it's easy to get caught up in Wayne's world, if Lil Wayne is face of Hip Hop at the moment, the promise for a bright future is bleak. Now think of Big Daddy Kane at Wayne's age. Picture both of them next to eachother and read the answer to question 7 again.

Feme - Any last words?
Yak - Thanks for letting me rant on your page. Look out for a new project from myself coming soon. Hip Hop is still alive and well over here, just extremely advanced. CCWM

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Yak is the lyrics master.
good interview feme, i fuckin dig you girl