Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Feme X Jereme Rogers Interview

Jereme Rogers

Feme - Who is Jereme Rogers?
Jereme - It is I

Feme -Current project we should be looking out for?
Jereme - A Plan B promo coming out in november, something to hold the kids over till the video. And expect plenty of great music, I've been rapping for a minute, but just let the first stuff get out two days ago. myspace. com/jrblastoff thats the music page, go add me. you wont be let down

Feme - How would your life be without skateboarding?
Jereme - I could not even imagine, successful just in a different field

Feme - Who's your favorite skateboarder and WHY??
Jereme - I dont have one anymore, but Prod, an Pj ladd if anybody

Feme - How would you describe the way you skate in 1 word?
Jereme - confidently

Feme - Where exactly do you see yourself at five years down the road?
Jereme - At the tipity top of the skate an music industry at the same time, havin a blast jugglin both, I promise.

Feme - what sets you apart from your peers and friends in the industry?
Jereme - Jesus Christ made me different

Feme - Who and what were your influences growing up?
Jereme - Eric Koston, an Stevie Williams, two excellent skateboarders

Feme - Tell us a broken bone story..
Jereme - I broken worse bones but this one sucked the most because of the circumstance. I broke my two middle knuckles on my right hand an went to a walk in clinic to get them fixed. they were broken an broken out of place, no good. Moments later i come to learn how not good when the doctor tells me it's not a problem to fix them an reset them but he has nothing to offer me for the pain. which ideally i would've wanted to get knocked out, laughin gas or something. he didn't have a numbing shot, cream a pill or even a glass of water for me, just completely raw. I was then given the option to drive to a hospital a half an hr away, which by my caculations with the wait time in the emergency room there was not the right amount of time that i wanted to stare at my hand lookin retarded an feelin intensely overcome by pain, so I went raw, which anytime u go raw u better be sure it's the right choice. So i then handed him my hand an looked away, an he did his thing. which consisted of him rebreaking my knuckles, pullin them out of place, shiftin them over an them breakin them back into place. yeah i know, trust me i know. an that folks was my worst bone break experience that u do not want

Feme - Any last words?
Jereme - God bless you all, even those who hate me or do not believe in God. God bless you too, he an i both love you


Anonymous said...

$100 says he raps in his part in the next plan b video, then about 6 months later he'll start riding for that christian company.

PS, jesus licks balls.

Anonymous said...

Hands down to tha dude when it comes to
Plan B

MarCarr said...

I respect him for showing his faith and not caring about what kids like the fucker below me think, im christian and open about t and catch sht all the time. Im down for jereme but homie should not be rapping. Terrible, same for ***** *******.

Winston said...

"Expect plenty of great music," bahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Jereme has really changed since he was a young buck. Really tough to get into the thugged out, neck tatted up, white boy rapper dude with big gold chains who love jesus. ya feel me?

Anonymous said...

cant someone let him know already how pathetic and lame he is. cool he can win contests and get money somehow for being that disgusting looking on a board. but now he has the nerve to think anyone would want to hear his horrid raps. fuck this guy he is one of the lamest human beings ever and complete embarrassment to skateboarding. How does this asshole have his name on a board and a shoe fuck him for everything he ruins. lame, impressionable, unoriginal fuck.

MOVEZ said...


Anonymous said...

makes me want to throw up in my pants