Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CAGE Interview


- Who is cage?
Cage - a character i created in a mental hospital based on my life.

Feme - Describe yourself in 4 words..
Cage - pretty fucking awesome. so much in fact i used 3 words.

Feme - whats your ultimate goal in life?
Cage - live a full healthy life.
Feme - Tell me a joke.
Cage - a man walks in a bar.....

Feme - where can we find you when your not working?
Cage - you can't i stay well hidden in secret locations when not working.when i am working you can find me at one of 4 locations easily.

Feme - Looking back, when did you first fall in love with what you do?
Cage - as a child.

Feme - Any upcoming projects we should be looking out for?
Cage - weathermen album my album.

Feme - how old were you when you lost your virginity?
Cage - 12

Feme - whats is your worst quality?
Cage - i swear a lot

Feme - any last words?
Cage - depart from me in april 09 and chrispalko. com


eggman said...

man that guy used to be grimey back in the day . . . eastern conference records . . . smut peddlers, leak brothers, movies for the blind . . . now hes all emo and gay

Anonymous said...

He's not emo and gay, He's just matured and experienced more. that's all.