Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five-Figure Arm Candy

"It used to be the shoes make the man," ..Well, these days..
"the handbag makes the woman."

1. Fendi "B.Bag"


Hailing the return of the structured bag, this might be Fendi's best seller since the Baguette. Although the white lambskin runway bag (pictured on the runway) was well-received, the $27,700 black crocodile version is truly coveted.

*(14,731 pounds, 21,617 euros, 1.2M rupees, C$31,038, A$36,910)

2. Hermès "Birkin"


Nearly all Hermès Birkin bags, named after English actress and '60s fashion icon Jane Birkin, are special orders, like this red leather version. Most Birkins are upwards of $20,000, but the final price depends on skin and hardware.

*(10,636 pounds, 15,608 euros, 910,800 rupees, C$22,410, A$26,650)

3. Yves Saint Laurent "Muse"


Seen on the arm of everyone from Kate Moss to Jessica Simpson, the roomy yet refined Muse riffs on the traditional bowling bag. Linda Evangelista's sage green version, pictured above at Paris Fashion Week last February, is now available in white crocodile for $18,990.

*(10,099 pounds, 14,820 euros, 864,805 rupees, C$21,278, A$25,304)

4. Prada "Frame Bag"


This structured crocodile bag, embossed with the signature Prada emblem, made its first appearance on the Autumn/Winter 2006 runway in Milan. It is available in the tan color shown above, known as Krusca.

*(8,025 pounds, 11,776 euros, 687,199 rupees, C$16,908, A$20,107)

5. Chloe "Paddington"


After experiencing a huge wave of popularity a couple of years back, the Paddington satchel, which features metal accoutrements, including the signature golden padlock closure, remains relevant by maintaining its exclusivity. This grey leather version was the bag du jour last autumn, and now admirers can scoop up the chocolate crocodile style for close to $13,000. Due to high demand, luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman allows customers to order no more than three every 30 days.

*(6,850 pounds, 10,052 euros, 586,555 rupees, C$14,432, A$17,163)

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