Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Look...For Now...

Well, as of late Nike has been releasing a bunch of crappy colorways in dope shoes
such as the AM1, AM90, Dunk Hi, Dunk Lo, Air Force 1 Low and Hi, Court Force Hi and Low and a bunch of other shoes. i like how nike has been re-releasing older basketball shoes such as the Barkleys and Pippens and Pennys on that part nike has done a good job with those shoes. nike needs to stop with all the complicated colorways and look at what they did throughout the years to become what they are today i just want a decent shoe with good material and a nice colorway that is all
i dont like having to travel or sit on-line trying to get one good shoe because it's the only decent shoe they came out with. well nike has been doing somthing right with these dunk hi's they are made of nylon just like their inspiration the vandal.
this shoe i have no idea on release date but it def looks like a dope shoe. the pics are taken from
here are the pics for you to enjoy peace!
have a good day you all!

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