Thursday, May 8, 2008

youre a sneaker head when...

1. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.

2. When you walk into school,work.. people occasionally say "Another Pair?!?"

3. The teachers even notice when you get new shoes.

4. When somebody insults your shoes, you stick up for them like they are your children.

5. You constantly look at people's shoes when you walk by them.

6. Before you go out, you think for a good 10 – 15 minutes about which sneakers you should wear.

8. You do not wear certain sneakers to parties/clubs because you are afraid someone is going to step on them.

9. You do not wear White/Clear sole shoes in the rain.

10. You keep every single pair of shoes in the box, stuffed.

11. When people you know (or even strangers) who always see you, look at you, and then look directly down to your feet to see what your shoe you are wearing.

12. Most of the time your shoes are the main center attraction.

13. You feel insulted when someone says "They're JUST shoes!"

14. You want multiple pairs of the same shoe.

15. You browse eBay daily to find that "HG" (Holy Grail).

16. You are willing to spend good money on your "HG" in "NDS" (Near Dead stock) condition.

17. You know at least 2 people in every shoe store you go to.

18. Your paintings are shoe themed.

19. You could have bought a small car for the amount you spent on your collection.

20. You get really defensive about any damage to your shoes.

21. You dont pay your phone bill, because you bought shoes.

22. You look down at your shoes every 5 minutes.

23. Your drawer is full of shoe cleaners.

24. You skip work because new pair of Jordan's are being released.

25. You know what "NT" and "ISS" stands for.

26. everytime you sit down you keep turning your foot to the side to look at your shoes.

27. You know a fake shoe when you see it.

28. Your background in your computer is a Jordan.

29. You go to the mall for silica packs and tell the lady that it's for a school project because they won't give you any otherwise.

30. You check the weather before you go out so you know what shoe you should wear.

31. You limp when you walk to prevent creasing.

32. You learned the roman numerals from the Air Jordan series.

33. 23 is one of your favorite numbers.

34. You never try to get any of your shoes dirty.

35. You carry an Eastbay or Sole Collector magazine in your car.

36. You know all the release date for Jordan's.

37. You get mad when people say "Jordan's are a waste of money".

38. When you buy a new pair of shoes you take pictures of them.

39. when you have to build a seperate closet for your sneakers.

40. when your interested on reading a blog about sneaker heads!!

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