Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did It Again...

Here we go again jordan brand is doing yet another hybrid shoe. another disgusting shoe... another waste of materials... another waste of money.... JB needs to stop with the lame shoes and focus on what made them what they are today. Glorify MJ's shoes not discrace them its sad to see what they do such amazing shoes. instead of combining different shoes make a single numbered jordan shoe with the proper materials and proper quality instead of doing what they are doing with the six rings shoe. JB needs to focus on it's past and it's future that's all no more ugly ass shoes. Focus on the future of basketball by making a great basketball shoe. it's dumb that they do such horrid things and waste so much money. well here is another horrible shoe made by JB sorry about the vent but i dont like the direction it's going in.
hope you all are having a good week peace!


Here is the shoe if you havent seen it

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